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Green Movement refers to a series of actions after the Iranian presidential election, 2009, in which protesters demand removal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office. Green was first the symbol of Mir Hossein Mousavi's campaign but after the election, it became the symbol of unity and hope for those asking for annulment of election.

Includes CC-BY-SA content from Wikipedia's Green_Movement article (authors)

The term "green movement" has been around for a long time. It refers to those people who are concerned with protecting and preserving the environment (such as green trees). The movement started when enough people got together,or separately, to pressure the state and federal governments to enact legislation to protect the environment. These laws generally govern what can be pumped out into the atmosphere or in the ocean, rivers and streams. The green movement favors moving away from fuel sources such as coal and hydrocarbons (such as gasoline) to produce energey and replace the energy needs with wind generators, hydroelectric generators (the ones in Hoover Dam, for example)and solar power, none of which produce any harmful byproducts.

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