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No. As Obama is Christian and attends church regularly, it is unlikely that he can be described as the direct opposite of Christ.

Adding a second opinion, I have read carefully the arguments made against him on many websites and videos, and I agree to a particularly xenophobic and devout Christian late at night, such arguments may be seen as valid (Well, the horror-movie background tune helps, too). Know well, all those whom yet have faith in Him: These arguments may be most convincing, but forget not that there is an Enemy whose own designs may profit greatly from such disunity and division. I mean, if indeed the Antichrist could be thrown under suspicion so soon before Armageddon, then it seems the prince of this sphere has indeed lost much of his power. I say neither yea or nay, but I beg you to understand that there are many opposers of Obama in the government that could be politically strengthened if they had chosen to start such rumors in the first place, and such propaganda is indeed an effective way for Obama's name to be tainted. I mean, seriously, he was holding a Holy Bible, and he has been seen going to Christian churches. Read a few of his autobiographies to better know him. As a last note: If you believe such rumors are wrong to the point of being ludricous, then contact Obama directly through: If you sincerely believe that Obama is indeed the infamous figure of the ancient stories, then I must say that it is not likely that the efforts of mere mortals shall have any impact ultimately. We are not the Messiah, or, at least, most of humankind is not. All the advice I can offer is to pray for the trials ahead for this plane, whether they stem from an Antichrist or not.

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