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In finding the right balance in safety and civil rights, you have to determine what your objectives and priorities are.

If we want to have 99% safety from physical violence, then one way of protecting people from this is using surveillance covering 99% of society. A radical alternative could be implementing a collaborative surveillance (or sousveillance) system where everyone has access to the gathered information. However, most people in developed countries are uncomfortable with the idea that their friends, colleagues and everyone can see what they are doing 24/7. Why do we feel embarrassed being seen in the toilet or picking our nose? Why do we find them repulsive when we see someone doing it on the television screen? Why do some of us feel the need to pretend to be this puritan figure in business attire which does not reflect our private life at all, and thus think we should protect our private life from the public's eyes? Imagine for a moment, that everyone was happy about sharing their private life with everyone else, so everyone is in the same situation. How would this affect our priorities?

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